selected non-fiction

'Madame Bovary is a Shopaholic', published in The Lifted Brow Issue #38 and online (2018)

'Concealer', published by Meanjin (2018)

‘Soulja Boy Uses An App To Get Fake Likes On Instagram (And Other Thoughts on Fame And Money)’, co-written with Sian Campbell, published by The Lifted Brow (2016)

‘What’s It Going To Be, Hon?’, published by Stilts Journal (2016)

Emma Jones’s Diary, monthly column for Scum Mag (2015)

‘C’s Dick: on digital spaces and a new language of desire’ published in Seizure AltTxt Issue 9 (2015)

selected poetry

'Four Women in New York in the Late 90s' published by Cordite Poetry Review in 87: Difficult (2018)

‘Tony Robbins: A Date With Destiny’ published by Shabby Dollhouse in The Re-Up: 2 (2016)

'like a vip', published by Scum Mag (2015)

‘My Hair Is Growing Out’, published on the Meanjin website, as part of the journal’s 75th anniversary archives project (2015)

‘This Is Kind Of About You And Kind Of About Some Things I Read On The Internet’ published in Scum Mag (2015)

‘Death In The First Person’, published in Seizure Edition 2 (2015)

‘2061’ published in Chart Collective’s zine, 1P/Halley, or: What Goes Around Comes Around, launched at the Emerging Writers’ Festival (2015)

selected fiction