Column 'Miss Guidance: A Clairvoyant Experiment' published monthly in Scum Mag

Non-fiction 'Something To Be Tiptoed Around Until It Goes Away' published by The Lifted Brow, excerpted online

'A Fever, A Restlessness: A Review of Alexandra Kleeman's You Too Can Have A Body Like Mine', published by The Lifted Brow



Poem ‘Tony Robbins: A Date With Destiny’ published by Shabby Dollhouse in The Re-Up: 2

Non-fiction ‘Soulja Boy Uses An App To Get Fake Likes On Instagram (And Other Thoughts on Fame And Money)’ co-written with Sian Campbell, published by The Lifted Brow

Artist at the National Young Writers’ Festival, 2016

‘Mirrors XP: A Review of Natasha Stagg’s Surveys' published by The Lifted Brow

Poem ‘Buy A Diamond For Ur Hooves’ published in Funny Ha Ha Issue Four: Girls Girls Girls

Memoir ‘What’s It Going To Be, Hon?’ published by Stilts Journal

Profiled by Stilts Journal as part of the journal’s relaunch project

Longlisted for The Lifted Brow & RMIT non/fictionLab Prize for Experimental Non-Fiction

Three poems ‘Near Computers’, ‘Gwyneth Paltrow Got Stung By Bees On Purpose For Beauty’ and ‘This Shade Of Pink’ published in Plaything Magazine‘s special Mini Edition, launched at the Emerging Writers’ Festival closing night party

Panelist, Masterclass: Criticism (Experimental Critics, Critical Experiments) at the Emerging Writers’ Festival

Reader, Amazing Babes at the Emerging Writers’ Festival

Agony Emma column for Ladies of Leisure zine, June edition: ‘Friend or Foe, How Do I Know?’

Profiled by Vice.com as an Emerging Writers’ Festival artist

Agony Emma column for Ladies of Leisure zine, April edition: ‘To Sex or Not to Sex? That is the Question’

Speaker at the Emerging Writers’ Festival 2016 Program Launch event: ‘Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars’

Profiled by the Emerging Writers’ Festival blog as a Program Launch artist

Short fiction ‘These People Are Just Bones And Water Like I Am’ published in Filmme Fatales Issue #7: Space Edition

Poem ‘libra odd spots published in Alien She Zine Issue #2

‘The Thrilling Teeth Of Feeling Everything At Once: A Review of Eileen Myles’s Chelsea Girls published by The Lifted Brow

Poems ‘j.f.c.’ and ‘best frenemies forever’ published in Keep Brave zine Issue #1

Sex Editor, SPOOK Magazine (January – September 2015)

Emma Jones’s Diary, monthly column for Scum Mag

Poem ‘like a vip’ published by Scum Mag

Short fiction ‘Bed-In 4 Peace’ published in Antithesis Journal Vol. 25

Profiled by CityMag

Guest on Joy FM 94.9’s Sunday Arts Magazine programme (click to listen)

Poem ‘hey so let’s do this again sometime’ published on the Wheeler Centre blog as part of a Hot Desk Fellowship showcase

Shortlisted for the Scribe Nonfiction Prize for Young Writers

Profiled by Scribe Publications as a longlister for the Scribe Nonfiction Prize for Young Writers

Profiled by Express Media as a longlister for the Scribe Nonfiction Prize for Young Writers

Poetry suite ‘Second Date Season’ published in The Suburban Review Vol. 6

Fictocritical work ‘Death In The First Person’ published in Seizure Edition 2

Guest panelist on ABC Radio National Afternoons: Depicting sex in young adult fiction (click to listen)

Longlisted for the Scribe Nonfiction Prize For Young Writers

Artist, National Young Writers’ Festival

Recipient, Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship

Poem ‘My Hair Is Growing Out’ published on the Meanjin website, as part of the journal’s 75th anniversary archives project

Artist, Emerging Writers’ Festival

Artist, National Young Writers’ Month

Memoir ‘Why Owning A Vibrator Is Everything’ published in SPOOK Magazine

Short story ‘2061’ published in Chart Collective’s zine, 1P/Halley, or: What Goes Around Comes Around, launched at the Emerging Writers’ Festival

Critical essay ‘C’s Dick: on digital spaces and a new language of desire’ published in Seizure AltTxt Issue 9

Memoir ‘Swimming’ republished on The Lifted Brow‘s website

Feature ‘Erin M Riley Weaves Your Sordid Private Life Into Art’ published in SPOOK Magazine

Artist, Noted Festival

Interview with performers Bryony Kimmings and Tim Grayburn, ‘Fake It Til You Make It: On Manliness and Clinical Depression’ published in SPOOK Magazine

Essay ‘The Art of Adult Friendmaking’ published in SPOOK Magazine

Artist, Digital Writers Festival

Interviewed by 2SER 107.3’s Double X podcast about sex writing, clichés, ethics and voice (click to listen)

Essay ‘How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bong’ published in SPOOK Magazine

Profiled for the Digital Writers Festival blog


Editorial intern, The Lifted Brow magazine

Creative writing sub-editor, Farrago magazine

Writer, ‘The Scum Mag Advent Calendar Experience’, published in Scum Mag

Essay ‘(Sex) Scene Girls’ published in SPOOK Magazine

Short fiction ‘Unfinished Business’ published in The Lifted Brow Digital Edition 14.1: The Spooky Issue

Interviewed by Radio Adelaide programme Global Generation about nudes and victim-blaming culture

Memoir ‘My Hips Don’t Lie, But My Mouth Does’ published in the Scum Mag Blue Light Disco zine

Press Room blogger, National Young Writers’ Festival

Artist, National Young Writers’ Festival

Essay ‘My Nudes Got Leaked Before The Think Piece’ published in SPOOK Magazine

Melbourne Writers Festival Digital Reporter, in partnership with the Emerging Writers’ Festival

Poetry ‘Northcote Suite’ published in The Suburban Review 4: Stellar Edition, followed by a Q&A with the founding editor

Memoir ‘Swimming’ published in The Lifted Brow Digital Edition 11.2

Featured writer for Lip Mag’s The Bookshelf Diaries

Short fiction ‘Fourteenth Summer’ published for Stilts Monthlies, August

Short fiction ‘Naked Girl With Egg’ awarded second prize, and poem ‘White Sky’ awarded runner-up for Above Water, the University of Melbourne Student Union’s annual creative writing anthology

Poem/fiction/memoir ‘This Is Kind Of About You And Kind Of About Some Things I Read On The Internet’ published in Scum Mag as part of the 2AM project in conjunction with the Emerging Writers’ Festival

Member, Collapse Collective

Arts reviewer, ArtsHub.com.au


ColumnistLip Magazine

Flash fiction ‘Clinic’ published in Scum Mag

Selected for advanced-level creative writing programme, Exeter College, Oxford University, England

Co-host and co-producer, Midnight Static, Radio Adelaide 101.5FM

Parallelle prose poetry zine

Poem ‘Alpha Bête-Noire’ published in Scum Mag

Arts reviewer, ArtsHub.com.au


Co-editorOn Dit Magazine

Artist, National Young Writers’ Festival

Feature writerLip Magazine

Arts reviewer, ArtsHub.com.au


Artist, National Young Writers’ Festival

Columnist, On Dit Magazine